12+ Old Tree Stumps Turned Into Beautiful Flower Planters

Homeowners and gardeners often spend lots of money removing tree stumps, but there is a better way! With a bit of diligent wood-working, homeowners around the world have turned tree stumps and logs found in their own yards into beautiful tree stump planters full of blooming flowers!

Do you have a repurposed tree stump planter of your very own in your backyard? If so, please share it with us!

#1 Tree Stump Garden2 #2 Tree Stump Garden3 #3 Tree Stump Garden4 #4 Tree Stump Garden5 #5 Tree Stump Garden6 #6 Tree Stump Garden7 #7 Tree Stump Garden8 #8 Tree Stump Garden9 #9 Tree Stump Garden10 #10 Tree Stump Garden11 #11 Tree Stump Garden12 #12 Tree Stump Garden13

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