16 Of The Most Stunning Trees In The World

We are so lucky that nature often provides us with something far more than just functionality. Trees are essential to life on earth; they absorb and then convert carbon dioxide into carbon (wood) and oxygen, which is released back into the atmosphere. What a tree has to look like to perform such a life-giving function is marginally immaterial, though we do understand that fruit trees need flowers and pollen to reproduce and bear fruit. However the difference in the way trees choose to adapt to their environment, how they deal with different climates, levels of exposure to the elements, all has an effect on how they grow and look. Of course when sparsely populated, trees do not have to grow tall to catch the sunlight, while trees in densely packed forests will naturally grow taller as they strive to reach more daylight. Add all the reasons and needs for trees to adapt and it is really no wonder we now have an abundance of breathtaking varieties that adorn our precious planet.

#1 125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” In Canada1 #2 144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan2 #3 Wind-Swept Trees In New Zealand3 #4 Beautiful Japanese Maple In Portland, Oregon4 #5 Antarctic Beech Draped In Hanging Moss In Oregon5 #6 Blooming Cherry Trees in Bonn, Germany6 #7 Angel Oak In John’s Island In South Carolina7 #8 Flamboyant Tree, Brazil8 #9 Dragonblood Trees, Yemen9 #10 The President, Third-Largest Giant Sequoia Tree In The World, California10 #11 Maple Tree Tunnel in Oregon11 #12 Rainbow Eucalyptus In Kauai, Hawaii12 #13 Jacarandas in Cullinan, South Africa13 #14 Avenue Of Oaks At Dixie Plantation In South Carolina14 #15 Baobab Trees In Madagascar15 #16 The Dark Hedges In Northern Ireland16

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