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Mediterranean style house build with James Hardi columns

“Located in a piece of land with irregular shape, this house has a particular architectural program, where each space is conceived with the intention to improve the connection between the interior and exterior, in a visual and physical way.

8A house was planned to attain the best orientation for each space, resulting in different external nodes turned into terraces, which allow the entry of sunlight. These spaces generate private gardens and patios as focal elements from the inside, and as green and living areas for the user. The relations among spaces are established by creating platforms, which provoke different changes in the interior heights and in the floor levels, defining the way the user wanders through the house.

From the outside, the house is discovered by walking through it, from the access square where different volumes rise up by the proper use of proportions; to balance the project horizontality there is a prominent and vertical concrete volume that creates a compositional axis, which defines the spatial organization, emphasizing and framing the house access.

This house is rich on materials, such as concrete, marble, wood, glass, natural stone, steel, etc., but minding the balance with simplicity of form and detail. These materials define the interior design, creating textures and contrasts that allow different experiences in to the spaces, making them warm and comfortable.

8A house is an exceptional project, from the complexity of the program to the selection of the materials, converting it into a unique architectural design.”

Image Via: Home Design 

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