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A Home With A Look And Feel Of A Great Blue Wonder

The pale blue color of the sky is a beautiful color, it matches most poolwater and can be a great addition to your home. However the Monte Vista home located in Vista Las Palmas, Palm Springs, California has beat everyone to the use of the color blue when it comes to their home. The Monte Vista home is a residential project that was completed by H3K Design.

The pool is the best feature of this home featuring a great yard with benches along the wall for extra seating. Lounge and sunbath on the other side of the pool.

Going back into the home you walk over what appears to be a small pool with a stone pathway in the middle. The cushions for the benches and the lounge chairs are all in the same pale blue of the sky and the pool.

You can keep watch on the pool area from several places inside the home, including the dining room and kitchen. Abedroom located in the home as a great private deck with spa outside and a private bath that connect from inside and out. Those hot nights mean relaxing in multiple locations around the home, privately or with friends and family.

While the rest of the home is set in white, the decor is made to be cool and inviting along with the lighting itself. Even the decor inside the home will reflect off the pool, giving this home the look and feel of a great blue wonder.

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