These Spiral Staircases Can Be Strapped On To Any Tree With Ease

Check out this awesome system which enables anyone to create a temporary spiral staircase up a tree, without causing any harm to the tree at all. What’s amazing, is that no tools are needed to fit the staircase! Designed by Robert McIntyre and Thor te Kulve, the birch staircase steps are strapped to the tree and grip on through the use of neoprene padding. The pair have worked closely with arboriculturalists to ensure their invention is as kind to trees as possible. It has been found that the staircases can only be fitted for a certain length of time before they begin to harm a tree, therefore prolonged use is not advised. However for a party or a family day, the staircase would be awesome and it only takes a few hours to build and 30 minutes to disassemble too!

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