We Traveled To Croatia To Find Game Of Thrones Filming Locations In Real-Life

If you are a fan of something, sometimes you have to turn on the “hardcore mode” – just like my husband and I. This summer in Croatia, we traced the filming locations of popular TV series “Game of Thrones”.

Some places were really easy to find – Dubrovnik, for example, is just like one huge filming set. But other spots (like streets in Split) we found either after a looong search or just stumbled upon by an accident. I want to share the result of our “scene hunt” hoping that it will inspire others to do this same!

Fort Lovrijenac (Dubrovnik) – Red Keep (King’s Landing)

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Outside the Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

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Still Not Finding My Dragons…

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Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik) Becomes the Stairs to the Great Sept of Baelor (King’s Landing)

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Outside the Walls of Dubrovnik Old Town

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Inside Dubrovnik’s Old Town – the Place Where Sparrows Were Preaching


Baroque Staircase (Dubrovnik) and the Famous “Shaming” scene

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Another Shot of Famous “Shaming” scene

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Fortress of Kliss – City of Meereen

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Trsteno Arboretum (Trsteno) – The Gardens of Red Keep

19 20

Min?eta Tower (Dubrovnik’s Wall) as House of the Undying

21 22

Fortress of Kliss – City of Meereen

23 24

The Basement of Diocletian’s Palace (Split) – Daenerys’ Throne Room

25 26

Papali?eva Street in Split became one of the Streets Seen in Slave Rebellion Scene

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The Basement of Diocletian’s Palace (Split) – Where Dragons are Kept

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