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This is a 3-bedroom house plan that can fit in a lot with an area of 340 sq.m.. Since this is a Single detached house design, lot frontage should be least 16 meters to accommodate the width of the floor plan and still having 1.5 meters setback on each side.

Entering the spacious elevated porch, this is a 4.5 m x 2.7 m which can accommodate most of the guest. Finishing can be selected from ceramic tiles to a more expensive granite tiles for the floor, black painted metal tubing for the railings and painted marine plywood for ceiling with cornice will make this porch elegant and cozy place to sit while relaxing.

Rooms are carefully laid out so that when you walk through the main entrance, you will see an open ended living room. Dining area can readily be accessed from the living room and kitchen is just adjacent to the right side.

The Master’s bedroom is 14 sq.m. in area with its own walk-in closet and Master’s bath. The 2 bedrooms on the opposite side have their own built-in closets and shares a common toilet and bath.

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