Typical Classy Bedroom That Leave Breathless

All rooms are designed in accordance to the chosen style.

The basic palette – typical classics – a natural soothing colors: white with gold trim, light green, beige, gray and brown.

The interior design style typical of present materials of natural origin. In the bedrooms parquet floor except the kitchen and the hallway, where there is granite. The decoration of the apron and kitchen with natural stone countertops. In the study used a wooden coffered ceiling and wood paneling on the walls. For registration of the walls was used decorative plaster and moldings.

In the interior there is furniture, emitting an old sofa, tables, chest of drawers and chairs on thin legs curled with gold trim. The same gold decoration can be seen in the design of the cabinets, cutlery, around mirrors. With her harmony and classical design required multiple lighting – lamps, sconces and chandeliers with gold pendants.

Image Via: A&A

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