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Filipino Inspired Double Storey House

This is a two storey Contemporary house design which speaks elegance and sophistication considering the attention paid in the exterior details and choice of materials used in the construction of the building. This design truly illustrates the meaning of modern architecture as can be seen from the exterior layout and presentation.

house7pp magdirilamodel2pp Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.04.42 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.04.53 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.05.02 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.05.11 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.05.29 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.05.38 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.05.46 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.05.55 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.06.06 Screenshot-2015-08-28-22.06.16

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