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The Path Of Reincarnation Draft Bath Complex

One of the meanings of the word “classic” – exemplary, recognized. Several unexpected even for the author himself, so it became a project of the bath with a swimming pool, designed by Alexey Sukhov. The project is so pleased with the people in Russia and the CIS countries, that it has to be repeated again and again for different customers, slightly adjusting the layout and decoration of the facade. One such design options brick baths you can look at photos submitted.

For facades were chosen natural materials that blend harmoniously with the landscape compositions. This natural wood and natural stone with untreated surfaces Floors on the terraces are made ​​of solid wood.This material is not only the beauty and environmental friendliness. Thanks to a special processing decking very durable. It will last many decades, steadfastly enduring all weather conditions. Natural wood was used for the individual elements of the facade cladding, in particular, the wall on the terrace for a barbecue. No less important in the design of the facade of the reserved natural stone. They lined cap and the corners of the building and the main entrance portal. Natural stone theme was continued in the design of the landscape – this material decorated with flowerpots in front.

Image Via: A&A 

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