PC House by Agraz Arquitectos


Architects: Agraz Arquitectos
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Year: 2006
Area: 4664 sqft / 433 sqm
Photo courtesy: Mito Covarrubias

In the rch to make an engineering piece that originates from inventive structures and finds – in that journey the ways to propagate this condition, Ricardo Agraz and Karina Castro join endeavors and creative energy. The outcome is [ PC ] House, a home based and appropriately customized for a family program that takes the area as the ideal edge for doing as such: it takes the waterway’s length for self adjustment.

Also, once this regular habitat is tamed, the structure is utilized to contain it inside of the house, entering the terrace towards the lounge room and dinning room.

Spanish ivory marble pieces permit the coherence into the frontal territories of the house, focused themselves by a drinking fountain that should assume the primary part of this first floor. Though the fundamental passageway, permitting space for an in number character as well, is protected by a steel craftsmanship piece done by the draftsman, particularly made for this house and named ‘Gang’.

House-PC-37 House-PC1 House-PC-38 House-PC-39 House-PC-41 House-PC-42 House-PC-30 House-PC-40 House-PC-44 House-PC-32 House-PC-33 House-PC-1 House-PC-2 House-PC-11 House-PC-17 House-PC-19 House-PC-24 House-PC-25 PC-House-First-Floor PC-House-Ground-Floor PC-House-Underground-Floor

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