Design luxury apartment in business class “Admiral” in Ekaterinburg

The kitchen, as well as many other rooms also combines immediately three styles. This vintage, classic and Provence. The main colors are shades of beige and sky blue colors, white with light spots. It fits in well with the interior of modern technology. How fortunate it is now possible in almost any appliance store to pick up household attributes, external panels, precisely in the color scheme, which would like to see in your kitchen. Our parents and grandparents, this was not possible. The kitchen is divided into just two work areas. The first is directly own kitchen, and the other is a living-dining room. The kitchen area is highlighted bright classical white furniture, with blue-painted in the style of Provence. The painting on the facade of furniture echoes the pattern floor tiles. Although apron made ​​by bricks in a country style, but it looks like a whole with the whole room.

Image Via: A&A

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