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Warm, sweet house plan with a beautiful purple roof, 131 sq.m of usable area

– Single story house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, living room, kitchen, dining room and balcony.
– Usable area of 131 sq.m.

This house is designed as a single storey concrete house. The house looks like a resort. Sweet color is good. Exterior walls are smart wood. New England version of Ivory, the roof of the house, Manila. Elephant seal tile, purple luster, pearl The front of the house has a spacious balcony to sit back and relax. The garden around the flower is beautiful, the more beautiful the house. It is suitable for a good home quite well.

Let’s see the function inside it. This is a single storey house. But not quite spacious. When entering, you will find living room, living room in front. In the middle of the hall is a hall that can showcase or work corner as needed. The house has three bedrooms. Spread on both left and right, with a kitchen, dining room and bathroom

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