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3 House Concepts with Roof Deck Feature

House with roof deck are very efficient due to the additional space usable for many purposes. You could use it for drying clothes, laundry area or a venue for small gatherings such as birthdays and small family reunion. One of the advantages of one storey with roof deck is that the roof is made of concrete reinforced slab which is permanent in term of structure. maintenance is also minimize due to its material. I constructed properly, you don’t have to worry about replacing the roof for how many years as compared to metal sheet roofing.

Below are three house concepts with roof deck feature for your to choose for your liking:

1. Molave House Model – This concept can be built in a lot with a minimum area of approximately 100 square meters with a total usable floor area of 84 square meters. An open garage is provided at the right side, small porch can be seen before entering the living area. Combine dining and kitchen is open to the living room making it more spacious since there are no dividers between these rooms. Two standard rooms are situated at the left side with common toilet and bath at the rear end.

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2. Redwood House Model – This model is likely the same as molave only some modification in the floor plan. The main entrance now is at the side making the porch lately as a small garden. Garage is double purpose now since it can be a porch. Location of the kitchen, dining and bedrooms are still the same only that the toilet and bath is now with 2 entry, one from outside and another from one of the rooms.

3. Walnut House Model – Walnut concept is a modified version of Molave house model with the same location of the stairs going to the roof deck. Garage location is the same with porch slightly smaller and modified look. More bedroom from 2 bedrooms modified to 3 bedrooms is a good choice for medium family to occupy. A wooden divider is provided in between the living area and dining/kitchen. L-shaped kitchen counters and common toilet and bath completes the feature of this house concept with roof deck.

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