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Simple Two Bedroom Single Floor House with 68 m² Area

Pinoy House Designs is here on its course of offering various home designs that cater families of different levels. The site has this simple two bedroom single floor house with 68 m² area that can sit in at least 130 m² property lot. This space will comply with the legal requirement of minimum of 1.5 meters setback on three sides of the house. In spite of the size, this model features a complete shelter with all the elements included. Above all, the cost of building and maintaining this type won’t be too much to carry. Therefore, less pressure and stress on the owner’s shoulder. Moreover, the common subdivision lot sizes will cater most families especially the low and middle income households.

In the light of today’s economic situation, most families cannot afford to buy or build bigger houses. In as much as they want to, their financial status will be there to stop them in dreaming of one. However, other options are everywhere and this is why this simple two bedroom single floor house with 68 m² area is designed as wise solution. To enumerate, the features are: sitout, living room, dining room, two bedrooms, kitchen, two T&B, staircase and roof deck. Although small, it stands to be a complete house because of the available amenities and services.

Picture of Simple Two Bedroom Single Floor House with 68 m² Area


The area is not big, hence, it doesn’t require complex planning to organize the inside but a smart designing technique. A small house plan like this gives the simplest layout because of size limitation and constraint. To describe the features, the setup is an elevated flooring to add some appeal. The sitout in front of the house guides to the main door leading to the combined living and dining rooms. The total shared area of the two rooms is 13.30 m². The two bedrooms of sizes 3.00 x 3.30 meters and 3.00 x 3.00 meters sit in opposite ends of left section of the house.

This small home plan has the kitchen of dimension 3.50 x 3.00 meters located to the right of the second bedroom. The common toilet stays in the middle of the living /dining rooms and the kitchen. There is another T&B below the staircase which is in the center of two bedrooms. Provided that a space is available beside the kitchen, a future expansion is set to be built to accommodate other house services. The roof deck can serve as an additional space for family activities like recreation area, function hall for family affairs and social gatherings. There could also be a provision for a carport either to the left or to the right of the front façade wherever it will look best.


Picture of Simple Two Bedroom Single Floor House with 68 m² Area

Size is not a constraint to beautify a residence. Small at is may seem, an appropriate exterior design came up attractive. The concrete finish dominated the whole structure from bottom, sides to top. The separate roof of the sitout and the eaves of the windows help create a style. The stacked stones on the exterior façade surrounding the bedroom window is a surprising drama of appeal. This is is heightened by the mix and match of colors peach, yellow, brown and yellow green in simple stripes.

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