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This one storey Bungalow House with 3 bedrooms is 127 square meters in floor area which can be built in a lot with 285 square meters lot area. With this conditions, the setbacks or allowances from the building wall to the boundaries would be as follows: 2 meters on both sides and back and 3 meters setback at the front, making this house a single detached type house.

The color scheme of the house are main green and dull yellow. The roof is colored green on metal tile roofing made by colorsteel. The roof trusses are made of steel angle bars and light gauge steel purlins. Gutters are made of galvanized iron Spanish design.

The walls are treated or finished with cement plaster with dull yellow color paint, with some portions that are covered with bricks or crazy-cut stones.

Hamed Zadran
the authorHamed Zadran
Hamed Zadran is a blogger that has been working online for a number of years. His number one goal is to help other people achieve the dreams that they never thought were possible.

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