22 Very Unique Staircases That Will Inspire You

In most people’s homes a staircase is just a functional means of travelling from one floor to another. Usually there is nothing very remarkable about a staircase, though some are more attractive than others. It used to be that you had a choice. Closed or open sides, and natural or painted wood. Some might have more ornate spindles and balusters, while others would just have paneling underneath the handrail. That all now seems a bit dull and passé, especially when compared to this collection of 22 outstanding and individual staircases we spotted on Bored Panda. All of a sudden we were overcome with a sense of ‘How could anyone think up such a remarkable design?’ as we looked at image after image. Clearly there are some genuine ‘outside the box’ thinkers in a number of architectural practices and wouldn’t the word be a duller place without them?

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