50 Shades of Coffee by Medianyk Studio

50 Shades of Coffee is a private residence designed by Medianyk Studio.

The elegant home is located in Baku, Azerbaijan.

50 Shades of Coffee by Medianyk Studio:

“Ambitious and self-sufficing, modern and extravagant – so we saw our customer. And these features our designers reflected in the interior of apartments, where you can clearly see man accent. Project “50 shades of coffee” is contemporary style for young man, who lives in Baku (Azerbaijan). Laconic and attractive interior is added with “tasty” details. Still the main concept of this design project is minimum details but more freedom.

Spacious living room are playing with different shades of brown, from light cappuccino to strong coffee filling the interior with comfort. Lounge area creates special atmosphere. Decorative tables surrounded by comfortable blueberry sofas make the perfect place to relax, communicate with friends and family.”

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