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A South African Home that Maximizes Nature Reserve Views

When you have a home perched atop a hill in South Africa, chances are you may get some truly spectacular views. But in this home, from the team at Nico van der Meulen Architects, the views are nothing short of amazing. The Johannesburg home was designed for a family and is located at the foot of a local nature preserve. In order to maximize the views of this stunning landscape, attention was placed on opening up the North side of the home with plenty of glass of outdoor entertaining areas. The resulting home is a testament to its architects, with its unique exterior and open, welcoming interior the best of what a home can really be.

1 The house’s exterior has been described as “sculptural” and for good reason. Contained within these morphed steel forms is 1100 square meters (11840 square feet) that is anything but modest while still maintaining a sense of open simplicity.


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