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Alluring Retreat in Aspen, Colorado: Willoughby Way Chalet

Aspen, Colorado is home to many interesting architecture projects, one of which we will present today. Willoughby Way is the name of this chalet, envisioned and developed by Charles Cunniffe Architects as an alluring holiday refuge. From afar, the building look perfectly embedded in its dream-like natural environment: “Heavy timbers and stone anchor this home into its site on Red Mountain, while large expanses of glass encompass the mountain views“. Numerous windows and terraces give the passer-by a glimpse of the standard of living inside the retreat.


Stone, wood and glass create interiors filled with warmth. Despite its modern layout, it is nice to observe how the chalet originally pays tribute to the rustic style. The main living area with its high ceilings and large windows framing mountain views provides a great setting for relaxation and contemplation. Throughout the chalet, modern interiors are replaced by more traditional rooms and vice-versa, as if inciting the visitor to discover more and more with each step.

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