Dream Homes

Bela House Model

A 2-storey Asian-contemporary inspired residential unit that boasts of picturesque window views of the quiet worl around you. With nature as the homes’ frontage, the lush greens of the landscaped gardens provide the perfect atmosphere of relaxation

Bela units have large windows and door openings, landscaped frontage, wide hallways on the upper floors, and dining rooms that extend to a garden; the upper hallway can be transformed into a study area, and the master’s bedroom has a separate balcony area.

There is also extra bedroom for guests at the Bela unit located at the ground floor. Lolo and lola no longer need to climb upstairs to sleep at the end of the day. The kitchen also has a center island, a feature unique to this unit, that doubles as a preparation area and cocktail bar giving homeowners more room for flexibility when entertaining guests.

Image By: Home Design

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