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Breathtaking Modern House Showcasing Perfection: Hopen Place, Hollywood Hills

Hopen Place is a villa designed by Whipple Russell architects and located atop Hollywood hills, which provides such an outstanding house with unbelievably astounding views!! The whole place is breathtaking and the ergonomic use of modern furniture in each space is what makes this house a real success!! Before exploring the interior of the house, let’s showcase the outdoor area. The pool is designed in the area that directly overlooks the fascinating views of the city, which doubles the fun. The creative design and convenient distribution of chaise lounges, small garden spots, lights, an outdoor fireplace, and even outdoor living and dining sets add a lot to the incredible perfection of this extended area!! Relaxation and relief are totally guaranteed in this outdoor space!!

1 2 3 4 5 Scouting the amazing outdoor space, one gets curious enough to check out the interior of the Hopen House. The front entry is quite impressive and gives the house maximum privacy. Entering the house, you face two divisions that lead either to the garage or to the main entry of the house where you find some beautiful small garden spots and a pathway that takes you to the living hall.

6 7 8 Once you get into the house through the glass doors, you find an open space that includes the kitchen, a dining set and a living set. The dining set matches the green color and wood design of the kitchen, while the living set centers the whole space providing a very comfortable and cozy atmosphere. The parquet flooring, along with a modern fireplace gives the whole area a fancy style.

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The master bedroom overlooks the outdoor area, where the pool is directly viewed from the bed for a permanent delightful feeling. It has been designed in a simple way that makes it the best place for relaxation and happy dreams.

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The master bathroom of the house has been designed in a simple way, just like the rest of the house. It has a separate shower stall and a bathtub, while the toilet is placed in a separate room, inside the bathroom, for more privacy.

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Guests also get to have their own space in case they’re sleeping over. The guest room is found just beside the main entrance of the house, and there is another well-designed bathroom for guests.

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Finally, for a perfect lifestyle Hopen place has an amazing home theater where the whole family can enjoy some really fun movie nights!!

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