Brilliant Bedroom Designs

Our sleeping spaces can often be a little uninspired when it comes to decor, of course we choose a nice bed, a smart closet and an attractive bedside table and lamp, but the finished product just lacks that bit of oomph. Well, that’s not the case when it comes to these four fab designs by Artem Lazarev. These bedroom designs are so beautiful we might just lie awake looking at them!

The first bedroom layout shows an unusual wall treatment that incorporates woodgrain to give a cohesive and cozy effect. The panels span the entire headboard wall, decorating the area behind an interesting storage arrangement of wall mounted units hung over bedside cabinets. Beneath each tall wall mounted cupboard, concealed lighting illuminates the obligatory bedside bits and pieces.

1 2 A single shelf holds the storage arrangement together.

3 The woodgrain runs all the way around the room, but stops to make a feature of the TV area.

4 A textured bed runner emulates the wooden wall covering, and a green stool under the dressing table embraces the naturalcolor palette.

5 In this version of the same layout, the design goes back to the tried and tested wallpaper route as a feature wall covering, and this time the soft bedside illumination glows out from the top of the headboard, and from beneath shallow shelving. A natural color palette is used again in this one, but this time the fresh vivid green accents are the stars of the show.

6 The storage arrangement here takes an asymmetrical approach, using a small set of cupboards and artwork on one side to balance out the nicknack shelves on the other. Mirrored wardrobes reflect the setup.

7 Sophisticated decor evokes a restful feeling in the second visualization, where the effect lies somewhere between a luxurious home design and an expensive hotel.
8 A large clock creates interest above the bed, although you might not want to hear the tick-tock of a clock all night as you try to get your rest.

9 10 11 12 13 14 The third design would be perfect for a stylish bachelor pad in the city.

15 16 Grungy artwork on exposed brick gives a cool loft-style effect.

17 18 19 20 The last room revisits sophistication in subtle shades of cream.

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