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Contemporary Forest Home Anchored by Four Stone Walls

Imagine yourself enjoying the soft summer air turning into a brisk breeze as you lounge outside by the pool. El Bosque House (the House in the Forest) by Ramon Esteve Estudiois a contemporary forest home where you can truly feel safe and comfortable. Surrounded by native vegetation blossoming under the warm Spanish sun, this contemporary forest home feels warm and cozy. Participating to this feeling are the warm building materials that compose a pristine collection of spaces. Four stone sidewalls anchor the geometric structure, two of them guarding the access while the remaining two support a covered outdoor patio overlooking the inviting swimming pool.

1 Flawless frame-free windows stretching from floor to ceiling flood the minimalist interiors with natural light. This induces a state of peace as you flow carelessly through the open spaces. Skilled architect Ramón Esteve and his team imagined an enclosed outdoor space filtering light inside the contemporary forest home and connecting different interior areas with a timber-covered ceiling that delineates the rooms, acting as visual hallways. Different degrees of privacy compose an elegant space plan connected to the outdoors, as architect Ramón Esteve describes it:


The aim of the proposal is the creation of different outdoor areas linked to the rooms inside, according to their level of privacy. Each room is differently high according to its use and spreads its program on a single level, except for the bedrooms’ bay. This operation generates a cross-shaped plan that arranges the external space.”

Internally, the space unfolds elegantly, as captured by photographer Mariela Apollonio. The dining and barbecue tables were designed especially for this contemporary forest home, mimicking the way the architecture supports the harmonious internal planning: “The volumes containing the living room, the dining room and the kitchen, however independents, are visually linked because of their position, making the house wider and more transparent. The other two volumes host the main bedroom, two bedrooms on the lower floor and a studio on the upper floor. A continuous veranda enlarge the rooms, generating outdoor areas that open and extend the rooms.”

A true dream home in the forest, right? And now that your creative juices are flowing, check out the Geometry-Driven Architecture flaunted by this House in Rocafort by the same Ramon Esteve Studio.

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