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PHP-2014012 is a Two Story House Plan with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1 garage. It is also a single attached house plan since the right side wall is fire-walled to maximize lot usage. The minimum lot area that can be used is 152.0 sq.m. having a lot frontage of 11.7 m .

Entering at the main entrance is a small porch and opens to the living room. Being an open ended living room, you can already view and access the dining and kitchen upon entry. A small bathroom is located beside the kitchen form the left to serve also a 3.5 x 2.6m bedroom from the right.

This bedroom can be an ordinary bedroom, a guest room or can also be a maid’s room.

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Did you ever wanted to have a house but your lot have some restrictions on what design can be constructed? Well,  Evelyn model is a two story house plan with firewall maybe the answer. If you own a lot measuring 12 x 15.5 meters, Evelyn is perfect for you.

The ground floor plan consists of the garage with provision for 2 cars. It is finished with paver tiles cement finish. This option can also be decided by the owner to have another type of finishing for the flooring. Stepping into the porch, the main entrance opens to the living room having 5 x 3.5 meters in size and opens all the way to the kitchen and dining.

The dining area is measures 3 x 3.8 meters and to its left is a sliding aluminum window the opens to a lanai. Kitchen 3 x 2.7 meters in size which has a u-type counter and also provided with a mini-bar. Receiving a guest in the house is a bit stressful if you don’t have a guest room specially when they have to stay even for one night. This two story house is provided with a guest room which is more than enough to accommodate a couple or even more.

Two maintain privacy with family matters, the maid’s room is separated from the main area, at least for the door. It is situated the far right corner of the house with its own toilet and bath.

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This house plan is a 3 bedroom 2 storey house which can be built in a 10.5 m x 13.0 m lot with 10.5 m minimum lot frontage. A dramatic open to below is so designed to view the living room.

The ground floor plan consists of the the garage which can accommodate 1 car, a porch which is covered or roofed by the balcony above. The living room which is 4.3 x 4.1 meters in size which served as a relaxation for the occupants. The combined dining and kitchen which is 15 sq.m. in area having a L-type kitchen counter with hanging cabinets and small service area at the rear.

This two storey house plan with balcony has its unique style where the second floor is laid out so that the 2 bedrooms are comfortable to dwell, having the master’s bedroom with its own balcony to view the front of the house. The second bedroom has its own built-in cabinets and a toilet and bath to make sure that you don’t have to go down to use the toilet and bath.

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