Conversation Pits & Sunken Sitting Areas

We all like to sit and have a chin wag with friends and family, so how about creating an area that is specifically dedicated to the art of chit chat and good times? We’re talking about taking your lounge area up a level by taking it down a level! Check out these conversation pits & sunken sitting areas, they create a more intimate atmosphere in which to gossip over a coffee, or provide a little hideaway to flop down into for rest and relaxation.

1-Circular-conversation-pit-central-fireplace 2-Circular-conversation-pit-central-fireplace.jpg 3-Outdoor-conversation-fire-pit 4-outdoor-pool-sunken-seating 5-lounge-converstion-pit 6-red-white-living-room-conversation-pit 7-red-white-living-room-conversation-pit 8-red-white-living-room-sunken-sitting-area

Coyne House, OKC
Coyne House, OKC

10-sunken-sitting-area-living-room 11-orange-living-room-conversation-pit 12-pool-conversation-pit 13-red-orange-conversation-pit-lounge 14-green-brown-white-lounge-sunken-seating 15-outside-sunken-sitting-area-in-decking conversation-pit-design conversation-pit-island conversation-pit-sunken-seating fire-conversation-pit

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