Delightful Apartment Design in Slovakia by Neopolis

Studio Neopolis completed this charming apartment in Banská Bystrica town in the middle Slovakia. Take a look at the photos below and if you have any inquiries, here is the project description: “The interior is designed for young single man which is truck driver, so he spends a lot of time out of home. Requests for design and visage was simple – minimal clear design with minimum of decorations and with use of basic colors – red, black and white (the client is big fan of KISS). Also, there was a request to hang as many as possible pieces of furniture at the wall, without the legs – for automatic vacuum cleaner. The color of floors and doors was set – oak wood, but the other colors was chosen in the philosophy of: less is more. Beside the red, black and white color there is only one more color – gray, which makes the whole interior less aggressive.

1 The kitchen is very small – today architects thinks, there in nobody cooking at home anymore. So the space inside the kitchen is situating for maximum of one person at same time. We designed a small bar next to the kitchen for express eating. For occasional eating there is a sideboard with drop desk for 4 person in the living room. Beside this sideboard there is only a few pieces of furniture in living room – big red sofa with coffee table, and audio-video box with TV. The bedroom is small, with only a double-bed, build-in closet and commode – all in simple black and white style. The bathroom is all white – also in minimalist style, but it was already done, so there is no visualizations of it. Inside of we tried to leave a maximum of free space so we used only necessary number of interior elements – desired final price of realization was also the limiting factor. But the result is clear and airy and client really liked it.”

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