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Exquisite Single Family Home

Ground-floor building without a basement.Intended for 3-4-person family in the area living area has a living room with fireplace, kitchen and dining area centrally located. There were also accessible from the vestibule utility room with boiler. Night zone consists of three comfortable bedrooms and a large bathroom. Anabela gracefully fits in any landscape. Thanks to the skylight tunnel into the house freely permeates the natural light that shines its dining space solar heat. At the heart of the house located atmospheric fireplace whose charm can admire up of three rooms. The simple block with interesting roof, protecting the entrance zone and the exit to the terrace. Anabela is the splendor of elegance in the spirit of modern simplicity. House of Bianco Collection Ergonomics – Economics – Functionality – Pure form – Glamour Collection Bianco houses Bianco Collection have been designed with the utmost concern for ergonomics and wearing comfort. In every project with Bianco Collection minimized the number of risers. The grouping in close proximity to the premises to which it is necessary to bring water, sewer and ventilation system can reduce the costs associated with the implementation of internal systems and additional divisions of ventilation. In the houses of the Collection Bianco daily zone is clearly separated from economic and health, which raises wearing comfort and further emphasizes the representative character. Night zone is designed with attention to its intimate character. The Bianco Collection is dominated by ascetic vision of beauty – simple, clean, perfect. You can: – twinning – the implementation of home dwulokalowego – Anabela G1 – with garage single user – Anabela G2 – with double garage – mirroring for all versions

Image Via: Home Design 

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