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High Ceiling Bungalow House with 3 Bedrooms

Have you ever came across of either seeing or visiting a high ceiling bungalow house? How does it feel? How is it different from other houses of normal ceiling height? Well, let us see how houses of these types exist in the housing industry.

Imagine yourself walking in a residence with high ceilings. Certainly, the first thing you will notice is the space above you which seems very different from most of the houses you have seen. In fact, there is the immediate sense of space, airandlight. The atmosphere and ventilation is at different level because of the height itself. Additionally, the comfort it brings is very satisfactory.

Picture of High Ceiling Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms

But why go with a high ceiling bungalow house in the first place? By simply looking at the house, it will of course deal with a higher cost of construction. Anyway, let us identify the advantages of high ceiling residences.

  1. aesthetically speaking, high ceilings are more appealing, elegant and luxurious
  2. in warmer climates, it’s easier to cool homes with high ceilings
  3. high ceiling bungalow house makes the residence more energy-efficient
  4. the resale value of the house is higher
  5. they provide versatility for a variety of decorating ideas
  6. they allow you to be more creative like adjusting internal concepts that fits to your character and lifestyle

Picture of High Ceiling Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms


The featured house stands in a land area that measures 15.50 x 16.00 meters. The house area has a dimension of 11.20 x 11.90 meters with a total livable space of 125.00 m². The plan has three generous bedrooms and two bathrooms serving the entire residence. The house is built in a surrounding with enough space and a lovely landscape so living is comfortable and healthy.

Picture of High Ceiling Bungalow House with Three Bedrooms

The exterior of the house looks simple but stylish in design. The open porch with a separate flat roof is very comfortable as it supplies enough air to the interior through the frosted sliding glass door. As can be seen,the outside façade looks cool with a blend of traffic white and brown shades.

The exterior walls around the house are fitted with mineral plaster finish with traffic white tone. The garage is very prominent with its columns and brown wall.

Meanwhile, the other elevations of the house bear the same wall finish and color. Sufficient window panels are provided on appropriate locations to ventilate the interior of the building.


The house in feature at this article just bear a distinctive character having a high ceiling. Its features includes the following:

  • open terrace
  • living room
  • dining room and U-shaped kitchen
  • three bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • one-car garage
  • shed type roofing assembly
  • garden and landscape

Overall, the high ceiling concept and a fresh atmosphere bring this house to a different level of comfort.

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