Space Saving Beds & Bedrooms

There are several different approaches in creating an ingenious space saving bed for a home of modest proportions. The most straight-forward designs involve clever positioning of the bed, creating a slumber spot in a space that you would not normally consider using for this purpose-or otherwise.

1-Understair-double-bed One example of simple space repurposing would be to utilize the unused area under a staircase, like this cozy double bed set up. The custom made platform bed fits snugly into the under-stair alcove, and the design also incorporates under-bed and over-bed storage that runs straight into the side of the stairs too.

16-Trundle-bed Another alternative to hiding beds in the ceiling is to put them under the floor, like this roll away trundle.

12-Elevated-bed This one is like a room within a room.

14-Concealed-in-ceiling-bed The ultimate in luxury hideaway beds has got to be this elevating design…

15-Bed-in-ceiling …or this one.

17-Pull-out-beds With a roll-away bed, a teenager would have to find somewhere else to hide their dirty dishes and laundry!

19-Concelaed-drawer-bed Raising the room above the bed, rather than the bed above the room.

9-Ceiling-suspended-bed Another variation of moving the bed ‘up’ is to completely conceal it within the ceiling, where you might not even notice, or recognise it.

21-Concealed-wall-bed We have explored hiding beds under the floor and up the ceiling. What is left now? The walls, of course! One big name that keeps popping up when looking for murphy beds, or space saving multi-purpose furniture, is Resource Furniture.



Though the concept of Murphy beds has been around for a while the newer designs are sturdier, sleeker and pack in multiple features.

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