Spectacular Outdoor showers

We are used to the showers are exclusively inside our home. It seems reasonable, we usually shower in privacy 4 walls. However, the fashion to place showers on the outside we like. And we’re not aware of what these functional elements that can be outside, besides being able to create really nice corners.

Why not take a shower in the garden ? Surrounded by plants and vegetation, if only to give us a refreshing dip dressed in bathing suits. Also, if we are working in our plants, mowing the lawn or sunbathing, it can be an essential element that will help us get completely clean the interior of our home. Not to mention they could be the perfect bathroom for our pets could enjoy a great summer bathroom.

We are not inventing anything, the outdoor showers are long, but usually limited to those that are placed next to the pools. With a fairly simple design, I must say.

Image Via : Amazing Architecture  

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