Three Luxurious Apartment With Delightful Modern Interior

Often turn to us for the development of the interior with the existing furniture in the apartment, which the owners do not want to leave. In this case, a private interior designer can expertly fit the furniture in the new interiors that retain a sense of the old house, and much cheaper than new furniture. On the same request to us turned our old customers bought 5 years ago, we project living. Our task was to update the design of the other rooms had the apartment without the need to update the furniture.

The feeling of the sea breeze, serene calmness of the ocean and coastal cliffs there is reliability in the finishing of the hall and kitchen. The hall used a dark blue glossy ceiling, which, like water, reflected blue neon lights, mirrors and sand flooring. Thanks to bright hues and competent coverage of a dark ceiling does not look heavy, but rather deepens the room. Celadon is repeated in the ceiling shimmering wallpaper, high mirror and extend the space.

The kitchen looks less intense, since it has a soft lavender, turquoise and beige. A kind piece of land surrounded by the warm waters of the ocean inspires the mood of peace and comfort. The ceiling is already bright, although made in a rather unusual color scheme (light brown shade), it is the contrast of the dark floor tiles wide. Weightless glass table and a soft leather sofa absolutely no loading room, serve their intended purpose.

Image Via: A&A

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