Dream Homes

Two Storey House With Spacious Terrace

Havana is a two storey house with 3 bedrooms with usable floor area of 134 square meters. Note that the area of the terraces are not included, for purposes of summing up the total floor are it would be 164 sq.m. This layout would fit in a lot with 146 sq.m. only, having the lot frontage of 11.20 meters and a minimum depth of 13 meters.

This house plan is very flexible in such a way that in can also be fire-walled on one or two sides. The garage side can be fire-walled since this is an open space, having one side closed still well-ventilated by the open front, additionally on the side of the bedroom there is no provision of window.

On the other side, still appropriate to fire-wall since the wall is almost without any window. In effect, with one side fire-walled, the minimum lot frontage would be 11.20 meters, and two side firewall would require only 9.7 meter lot front.

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