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25 Three Bedroom House/Apartment Floor Plans

Three bedroom homes can take on many different configurations. While it might be a lot of space for just one person, it can be just the right amount for a growing family, or even a couple who needs space for an office. Of course, any home is only as comfortable as the occupants – and the architects – can make it. In this post, we’ll show you 25 more that might just give you an idea or two.


A three person family who wants the flexibility of the guest room would be perfectly suited to this layout, which also has space for a lovely private patio.


The bedrooms in this layout are not particularly large, but spacious outdoor areas and a cozy living room mean there is still room to spread out and relax.


Three equal bedrooms is an easy solution for a roommate situation, since rent can be split in perfect thirds.


With a breakfast bar, dining room, and small patio, this home could easily house a family or even a group of good friends.


Natural light reigns in this three bedroom house that gives each bedroom its own private balcony and tons of windows.


The bedrooms in this home are spread out for maximum privacy, with buffer rooms between each space.


Two detached bathrooms in this house, plus a large living room, dining room, and outdoor seating area, make it perfect for entertaining friends and hosting get togethers.


Large bedrooms dominate each corner of this apartment, meaning its easy to get away from everyone, if just for a moment.


A huge master bedroom with en suite bath as well as a large kitchen and dining area make this one of the bigger options when it comes to three bedroom layouts.


In a slightly different configuration of the previous home, this space has an entrance to the east, swapping the living room with that corner bedroom and giving the sleep space more light.


Two bathrooms in this small space might be tough to negotiate with a teenager, but does make the layout a bit more efficient.


An ideal family home, two of the bedrooms here have designated study areas.


Three bedrooms can be the height of luxury if you have enough square footage, as this house clearly does.


In another option from KSV developers, the same square footage is shuffled around but massive bedrooms and private patios with folding shades remain.


The third options seems a bit smaller, but still utilizes an open floor plan for the common areas of the home.


When you put a pair of beds in a single bedroom, you can really maximize your space. This kind of configuration is ideal for a vacation home, where beds are at a premium.


Big bedroom, built in closets, and a bathroom for each bedroom is really a dream scenario. A cozy dining room rounds out the design.


Two bathrooms with five beds seems a little dangerous, even if this is the layout for a temporary holiday home. It could be a recipe for long lines at shower time.


Putting the kitchen behind closed doors may not be the most contemporary choice but it is a good way to contain the smells and sounds of cooking, making dinner parties a bit more elegant.


This sunny three bedroom again offers plenty of private outdoor space, including balcony access from each bedroom.


In this slightly different design, two of the bedrooms share access to the same balcony while a third gets its own.



This spacious home with massive bedrooms, multiple patios and a huge living room makes three bedrooms feel like a mansion.


In neutral tones with lots of closet space, this home becomes a calming place to come back to each day.


Finally, a clean and simple design via 99Acres makes room for all the essentials without a lot of fuss.