Dream Homes

Breathtaking Modern House Design

Two Story House designs are best fitted for narrow lots. This is 4-bedroom design which can be constructed in a 12 x 15.5 meters lot or roughly 186.0 sq.m.. Upon entering the gate, the Garage can accommodate 1 car. At the main entrance, you can see through until the kitchen making it a open ended design.

The living room is 17.5 sq.m., dining is 11.4 sq.m. and Kitchen at 8.1 sq.m. The ground floor can already function sa a complete house since it also consists of the Guest Room and guest room’s toilet and bath. If you are at the dining room, after dining in, a sling aluminum door is provided to give access to the veranda at the left for you to relax. The kitchen is also compact but still complete with a mini-bar for small snacks.

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