Dream Homes

Bringing world class luxury to Wright

Every once in a while a truly remarkable home design comes on the market.  A home that is truly unique and offers unrivaled architectural design. The Curzon is one such home.  As can be seen below, it isn’t your average home.The motivation was the easy part for Mayfair Homes.  It was to make their name in the luxury home niche. They knew that this could only be achieved through quality design and un-equalled architecture. The home was designed by Steve Kolak who is the Director of Mayfair Homes.  The three year completion process shows just how much thought and care went into the home. Exuding luxury, while creating a functional and desirable placed to live were the key goals.  The home delivers these perfectly, and the quality of the workmanship creates a home that people want to live in. As can be imagined, there are many design features that stand the home out from others in its class. The one that really stands out is the butler’s pantry.  This exudes opulence and provides extra bench space, as well as hiding large kitchen equipment, when entertaining guests.  Corner doors and corner glass, which is floor to ceiling, are both used to maximize views and to create the feeling of space.

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