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Contemporary Home Illuminated with Natural Light Redefines Luxury Coastal Lifestyle

Driving through a neighborhood in Derby, Western Australia you will come across a house that is different than the rest. Known as the Derby house, this two story home infuses the neighborhood with a modern elegance that stands out above the rest.

Designed by Daniel Lomma Design, this elegant home not only contains all of the modern day conveniences that are necessary in a home, but it employs them in a unique look and feel throughout the entire home.

White is the color of choice and it covers the house from floor to ceiling, inside and out. Even much of the furniture embraces the power of white, with some furniture taking on light brown tones as well.

The kitchen area is on the best eye pieces on the inside of the home, while the pool in the back dominates the outside. The kitchen leading into the dining room, and then living room gives space for several guest or family to dine in a unique place setting.

And whether your choice is to sit at the bar with the cook or at the table, every experience is sure to be great. The lighting in the kitchen is beautiful adding the right amount of light to the place.

While the bedrooms and bathrooms seem simple, they don’t lack in taste when it comes to beauty in its simplicity. While walking into the bedroom it might seem sparse when it comes to furniture, the view from the second floor is spectacular. And the staircase leading up to the second floor will leave you mesmerized.

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