Detailed House floor 1 Cutaway 3D Model

Feature : there are : living room, kitchen,wc, dinning, 2 bedrooms… in modern design and some trees and car in low polygon
all 3d models are design from cataloge, very detail in closet like preview
all done in vray, you need vray 1.5sp2 to render exactly like preview
over 50 textures in this file.

full device like : sofa, TV, bar, refrigerator, cabinet, table, chair, etc…..

You need 3dsmax 2009 and vray 1.5sp2 to render exactly like preview

File formant : – 3dsmax 2009 with vray 1.5sp2 –  light setup and  full vray setting – ready to render
                           – 3dsmax 2009 scanline render without light setting – only full textures and material
                           – File obj – full textures
                            All files with full material and textures

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