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Extraordinary Small Philipino Inspired House + Plan

own a Modern house design comes in every family’s dream nowadays and everybody wants to have a house of their own. Pinoy House Design offers an impressive one storey house design detailed in Magnifico as answer to families seeking for a livable house.

The house may look simple from the perspective, but the inner presentation of the plan expresses glamour and desirability. The blending of the overall outside features and the layout of the arrangement of all sections looks both contemporary and historic.

The striking entrance and appearance gives this modern house design these notable features: the earthly touch of refined cut stones decorating the front façade, aluminium cased windows considerably provided in every section of the house for ventilation and air purposes, triple gabled roof-lines dependently designed with each other, tegula tiled roofing assembly, and the choice and coordination of seven light paint colors used from walkway, steps, concrete walls, aluminium windows, stone wall to the roof. The stepped terrace coupled with a sloping carport simply adds magnetism to the frontage.

Image Via: Hamed Zadran 

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