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1- Modern house designs such as MHD-2012004  has  4 bedrooms, 2 baths and 1 garage stall. The floor plan features of this modern house design are, covered front porch, balcony over garage, walk-in closet on the master’s bedroom. The ground floor consist of the Entry Porch and a comfortably sized Living Room, Dining and Kitchen.

Fire-walled on the right side, garage opens to rear of the house maximizing the available space. Maintaining the required setbacks, the left side of the lot can also be a small garden or simply a space for gathering.

One bedroom on the ground floor can also be be used as a guest room which is adjacent to the Bathroom under the stair. The upper floor consist of 2 bathrooms, 1 commonly shared by the two rooms and a Master’s bath. Both contains bathtubs and 2 counter-top lavatories. The Master’s bedroom is considerably spacious with built-in cabinets and opens to the Balcony over the Garage.

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2- Sarah is a dramatic open to below two storey house plan with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It can be built in a lot with a minimum area of 147 sq.m. and a minimum lot frontage of 10.5 meters with minimum setback of 1.5 meters from both sides.

The ground floor plan composes the one car garage which is shaded by the balcony above. A small porch is in the main entrance which opens to the open to below living room. A stair leading to the upper floor is located at the upper portion when looking at the floor plan with a small storage area under. A 3 by 3 meter bedroom is also at the ground floor provided with a common toilet and bath. A combine dining and kitchen measuring 3 x 5 meters is not very spacious but still a very functional dining and kitchen.

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