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Miguelito Delightfully Proportioned Two-storey Modern Design

Miguelito is a two-storey modern house design which offers a combination of sophistication, elegance and style and gives the following significant features:

  • Concrete wall extended up to the roof
  • Three columns of layered stones designed and laid out vertically from roof up to just above the roof line
  • Aluminum cased glass windows dominant in style
  • Wooden canopy built safeguarding the windows
  • Glass accentuating the staircase
  • Glass to glass corner windows on the left side of the second floor level
  • Styled L-shaped terrace on the second floor

This modern house design defines the demand of modern architecture which can be built in a lot area of   139  m². The first floor level has a floor area of   70 m², while the second floor has area of   78 m².

At home in the city, this modern house design takes advantage of street views as it this is proposed to be built in a corner lot. The design features two significant elevations with each having distinctive appearance. The arrangement of inside areas looks friendly to each other. A one-car garage is very accessible to the kitchen which provides great access for market goods unloading activities. A small porch drives directly to the living room and is situated open to th4 dining room. The remaining sections of the ground floor has the maid’s room,. Kitchen, dirty kitchen and laundry built side by side.

A storage room is provided below the staircase which maximizes and optimizes the area. The first floor of this modern house design is a strong design as to lay out. Each space depicts a significant relationship and access to each other. The arrangement of the space seems to look so common but is so elegant. The staircase is accentuated with glass allowing light to enter directly as needed inside the house. This idea definitely defines aesthetics.

Image Via: Amazing Architecture

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