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Did you ever wanted to have a house but your lot have some restrictions on what design can be constructed? Well,  Evelyn model is a two story house plan with firewall maybe the answer. If you own a lot measuring 12 x 15.5 meters, Evelyn is perfect for you.

The ground floor plan consists of the garage with provision for 2 cars. It is finished with paver tiles cement finish. This option can also be decided by the owner to have another type of finishing for the flooring. Stepping into the porch, the main entrance opens to the living room having 5 x 3.5 meters in size and opens all the way to the kitchen and dining.

The dining area is measures 3 x 3.8 meters and to its left is a sliding aluminum window the opens to a lanai. Kitchen 3 x 2.7 meters in size which has a u-type counter and also provided with a mini-bar. Receiving a guest in the house is a bit stressful if you don’t have a guest room specially when they have to stay even for one night. This two story house is provided with a guest room which is more than enough to accommodate a couple or even more.

Two maintain privacy with family matters, the maid’s room is separated from the main area, at least for the door. It is situated the far right corner of the house with its own toilet and bath.

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PHP-2015023 is a Four Bedroom Two Storey Contemporary Residence having a total floor area of 176 sq.m. which can be built in a lot with a minimum lot frontage of 11.3 meters and minimum area of 156.0 sq.m.

Ground floor plan consist of the living room , dining which opens to the kitchen. Toilet and bath under stair landing. Bedroom having 3.5 m x 3.0 meter in size which can also serve as maid’s room or a guest room. Porch welcomes you to the front and a one car garage which is shaded or roofed by the balcony from top.

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Two Story House designs are best fitted for narrow lots. Sheryl is 4-bedroom design which can be constructed in a 12 x 15.5 meters lot or roughly 186.0 sq.m.. Upon entering the gate, the Garage can accommodate 2 cars which is roofed by the balcony. At the main entrance, you can see through until the kitchen making it a open ended design.

The living room is 17.5 sq.m., dining is 11.4 sq.m. and Kitchen at 8.1 sq.m. The ground floor can already function sa a complete house since it also consists of the Guest Room and guest room’s toilet and bath. If you are at the dining room, after dining in, a sling aluminum door is provided to give access to the veranda at the left for you to relax. The kitchen is also compact but still complete with a mini-bar for small snacks.

To maintain privacy, the maids room is located at the back with a separate entrance not from the inside. The maid will enter the kitchen at the rear side of the house. it also has its own toilet and bath to also give privacy to the gusts and the the owners themselves.

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