Dream Homes

Rebirth Of A Treditional Style With A Grand Scale

Alberto is a two-storey house design that can be fitted in a not so big lot area. The ground floor is 89.0 m², while the second floor occupied by bedrooms is  56.0 m².A convenient porch welcomes the house with the dining and kitchen directly situated straight from the living room. Built in cabinets can be utilized to provide a wall /block between the living and dining rooms.

The living room is highlighted by a corner window through the carport. The dining room continues the open feeling and is easily served from the kitchen. A service area is provided at the back to support the kitchen and other activities due to limitation of space in the ground floor.

The lot area of 152 m² is wisely utilized. Designed for smaller lot area, the two sides are constructed with firewalls.

Image Via: A&A

PHD2015003-FRONT-VIEW PDHS-2015001-RIGHT-VIEW-700x450 PDHS-2015001-LEFT-VIEW-700x450 PDHS-2015001-FRONT-VIEW-700x450 MHD-2014014-ground-floor MHD-2014014-second-floor

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