This house is very beautiful design is very nice. It is a single storey concrete house. The roof of the chimpanzee Sealed with CP Peppermill tile. Brown lapis lazuli Well aligned with the smart grid balustrades on the front porch. The ground floor of the house is raised to a level higher than the ground level of about 1.2 meters in. It helps to vent better. And help folk not too damp. Outside the garden is beautiful. If the tree is a little more shady. In the layout of the house can be seen that it is divided into two parts together. The right wing will be the area of the kitchen and dining room. The left hemisphere is a rest area. There is a pavilion sitting in front of the house, with the right side of the room is a living room wide. There is a corner room in the back. In the house there are two bedrooms with each other.On the left hand side of the house The master bedroom on the back has an en suite bathroom. The other shared room with the guests is in the middle of the house as well. The house has a function that is suitable for people who like the space and a lot of it can be converted into a bedroom room as you like it.