Two Lovely Apartments Featuring Wood Paneling

Wood paneling of yesteryear might’ve included some cheap faux wood lining a dark, damp basement or perhaps some unattainable antique wainscoting. But the wood panel options in both of these featured homes are not just elegant, but modern and of course, an attainable option for today’s homeowners. Take a look at how these creative designers were able to take the versatility of natural wood and add it to floors, walls, and ceilings in a seamless and stylish way.


The first home from visualizer Andrew Skliarov is a contemporary apartment in Kiev. The home measures 98.6 square meters (1061 square feet) and the chief direction from the clients was to maintain simplicity — with neither excess or deficiency.

2 Wood paneling is aligned with the client’s particular affinity for natural materials and it is used to great and stylish effect in the main living area. The flooring and wall paneling climbs up onto the ceiling creating a living area that has a warm enclosed feeling without actually putting up any walls. The adjacent dining area is slightly elevated and replaces the warm wood walls with bright windows.

3 4 5 6 7 8 The home office and bedroom have their own uses for the pretty paneling: the former on the floor, shelving and spacious desk and the latter reserving the look for the floor.

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The second space from visualizer Catherine Domracheva is build around a lovely, bright color palette. The concept is for a youthful and welcoming hotel room and therefore features no kitchen and little in the way of room division. Rather, the paneling – which is a bit darker than our previous space – creates separation. The small desk and seating area has its own arcing wood while the bed is enclosed in the same style.

20 21 22 Of course, you cannot speak about this particular space without mentioning the vibrant color scheme. Bright, cheerful yellows against varying striped patterns along with the occasional pop of orange is the perfect buoyant look for this stylish hotel room.

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