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Vanessa a Unique Blend Of Tradition And Classic Spanish Charisma

Vanessa is a two storey residential house design which can be built in a minimum lot area of 85 m². Owners of this house will love the convenience of this two-car garage and a compressed but smart lay out inside. This model plan is composed of two levels of livability with each level averages a 55 m² area.

The features of this design are the following:

  • Two-car garage at the front
  • Typical aluminum cased windows
  • Plain painted cement walling at the front
  • Open balcony encased with steel along the perimeter
  • Firewall on the left extending to the second floor
  • Combination of flat and shed roofs


The second floor offers three bedrooms, a common bath for two of the bedrooms and a private bath for the master’s bedroom. Highlighting the master’s bedroom is an open balcony which receives and supplies fresh air to the bedroom. The balcony serves as roof to the carport as well which makes this model design economic.This will be functional as well to the family in holding family activities, just perfect for coziness as it overlooks to the main road. Vertical columns extending up to the roof provides multiple purposes, support, reinforcement and aesthetics revealing simple modern architecture.

Image Via: Amazing Architecture

Screenshot 2015-12-28 04.09.45 Screenshot 2015-12-28 04.09.38 PHD-2015008-ground-floor PHD-2015008-second-floor

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