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Weimar Luxury Villa in Bauhaus Style

House Weimar, luxury villa in Bauhaus style. In Hamburg this incredibly luxurious Bauhaus style was built. In the architectural competition, we were able to push through the superstar architect Hadi Teherani. The building with 750 m² of living space plus 100 m² of swimming pool on the ground floor has a sight axis of 45 m. The exposed concrete walls are particularly impressive in the exterior and interior areas. In the entrance hall the exposed concrete walls are 6 m high and have molded ornaments. The absolute highlight is in the outdoor area the family crests cast into the visible concrete wall. In order to comply with the building requirements of oversized window-sliding elements, windows from Switzerland had to be ordered by Air-Lux. The ball bearing elements of 6 m width and 3 m height have a compressor, so that they can be opened at all. The compressors open the windows with two fingers. The entire house was equipped with thermally insulated metal windows, which were separated from the inside to the outside. The whole house had the task to make everything as flush as possible.
The interior doors are flush with the surface, 3 m high, without a frame with a lacquer layer of 1.2 cm. Thus the TV as well as all lamp bodies were let into the walls and ceilings.
The show kitchen was installed flush under the staircase.

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